Art is a big influence on my writing – particularly surreal art.

I am never going to be able to draw or paint what I see in my mind or through my eyes. Sometimes I create an image which inspires my writing and sometimes the other way round. I also take inspiration from art and images I see. Here are a few examples.

Going – we are defined by our actions

Defined by our actions Going-small

The Outsider/Stranger by Camus inspired me to do this. It is one of my favourite novels and is one of the big influences when it came to Aipotu. Asimov being another.

The artist and Sculpture of FE McWilliams is a continuing influence – I took this photo of one of his sculptures, in the Sainsbury Centre UEA.


This next drawing is about a future society – have humans reached level flight in terms of evolution? Is there further scope for groups to evolve rather than individuals ….