It did not occur to me that one day I could publish my own writing. At several levels this has been made possible by my interest in IT.

Firstly, word processing programs like MS Word and desktop publishing tools like Scrivener have helped. When I get completely stuck on a how a word is spelt I can speak to my computer. I can check words with dictionaries and thesauruses. I read back all my writing using text-to-speach on my computer. I have an Apple Mac. Then there are online courses. And probably the most helpful of all – email so I have been able to ask others about my writing, edited and improved by friends, family and critiques. Printing on demand and ePublishing like this.

Anthology of Therapeutic Pieces: Volume 1 Kindle Eddition

Anthology of Therapeutic Pieces: Volume 1 Paperback Edition

Novel – Aipotu: Colossus in the World Kindle edition

Novel – Aipotu: Colossus in the World Paperback Edition

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Format: Paperback
This book has some fantastic concepts surrounding the future of humanity and its relationship with AI. I thought it did a great job of confronting the creation of sentient life, and it left me with a lot to think about once I’d finished it. It was also easy to read, and the narrative was instantly accessible. Would definitely recommend!

17 July 2018

In the genre of sci-fi Aipotu gives us an unusual insight into the human condition through the eyes of an artificial intelligence. Narrated by Colossus the story follows a group of humans who have, involvement in the evolution of the system, one who has sociopathic genius and the relatively ordinary people caught in between. Foresaw has created a work that has philosophy, sociology and cybernetics, and it’s a good read!

Colossus is a machine, a computer with a persona. It is the benign instrument of global governance over all of mankind programmed with overriding rules to protect life and well-being.

The concept of computer beings taking over is a common theme. The horrors of machines taking over all functions of governance and becoming self perpetuating were alluded to by Stephen Hawking as one of the greatest dangers facing the World. Aipotu, is different.
Foresaw paints a picture in which the computer and it’s evolution is Strictly controlled by the humans of ‘The Institute’.

He shows us a global ‘nanny’ state overseen by Colossus. Rules are continually added to cover all eventualities, stifling free thought and innovation. In effect the rule of law becomes the law of the rules. The parallels in the world are plain to see today. The system comes under attack from forces within lead by the disaffected sociopath in the story. The attack is defeated but Colossus has seen the danger underlying the ‘perfect’ system and advises it’s designers to modify it by the creation of wild uncontrolled spaces in the world where people can go innovate, think freely, misbehave and take the risks. This is Aipotu, a backward utopia.

The scenario is believable in terms of where technology, systems of governance and social development stand today. Foresaw does however come close to bringing the evolution of Colossus to a point where it might become uncontrollable. Could this be the sequel?

29 September 2018