Therapeutic Writing

I am working on this section but one of the things that I discovered rather late in life is that putting my creative efforts in to writing has helped me get things in perspective. Once you have seen it then it is fairly obvious I guess. In my case it is quite surprising as I find writing English is quite a struggle. Another thing that surprised me was creating my own worlds in fiction was similar in term of satisfaction to designing and writing software. So there is a good feeling that I use my computer a great deal in my writing.

I am giving talks to various groups entitled “What inspires me to write”. The thrust of my talk is that mostly I find my writing therapeutic as I am expressing my feelings and ideas. It is also feels good to express feeling and ideas that I reject, are the opposite to how I feel; this seems to me to be similar to “role play” used in a number of therapies. I think writing can help in working through problems, especially if you belong to an insightful writing group who give nonjudgmental reviewing comments.

I have started to explore therapeutic creative writing a bit more and got a few writers together to meet and use a co-counselling model as the way to explore. This group is called Therapiece

I have also started to go to Writing Revealed Workshops – Writer Revealed I enjoyed the one on 26-Jan-19 on Kick starting writing. I chose recidivist as one of my favourite words and invented the word bullcidivist – one who relapses into habitual bull shitting.