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The Transcendental Train

The transcendental train is not like any other train – it is sublime in its existence, not built to convey people or possessions from A to B, but rather to only exist between points it travels between.

Esoterically, in serene beauty and silence it passes over and along the tracks without a clack. It emerges from tunnels, the darkness of walls fall by the wayside, replaced by the darkness of night.  It is forever between, not quite there to grasp, more to sense in concept as it moves metaphysically on a path that cannot be measured. It crosses bridges flying through the dark, high above the ground, out of grasp of conscious thought.

Is it possible a transcendental thought could catch a transcendental train? Or is it bound to miss the connection? Or is it dangerous to make jokes about the metaphysical, and risk being imprisoned where there is literally ‘nowhere’ to escape. Caught ‘in between’ for eternity – which, as you know, is a very long time.

Or maybe it is more metaphysical to think about the train catching the thought and holding it carefully between compartments transcending beginning to end. How carefully do you need to hold a thought, undisturbed between the points on a journey from here to there?

in chasms measurelessly deep, across a wide blue infinity, stretches arched roofs that form limitless caverns along the way of blurred passage, taking a cloud of indistinguishable points not touched nor thought as of this world or the next but passing through at speed, the train so horizontal is also travelling vertically through a wondrous world of flow, fluid coiling off the wheels stoking up speed all the time so that the distance between the points never changes but grows shorter in time or is it longer in space – does the train ever stop, or only transcend worlds of different times and being