This website is about my writing and art from 2012 up to today’s date. I’m going through a reconstruction phase to bring it up to date.

In 2012 I joined a creative writing group based in the Cut, Halesworth. The group is call Cutting Edge Writers and in Oct-21 I took over the running of the group. I  did a couple of UEA online writing courses and other online courses and attended Unthank School of Writing; a novel writing course and workshops. I do still have a few stories from my school years, but they are not on paper or on a computer – only in my memory.

I also became interested in different therapies for my mental health including Psychodynamic Counselling, Co-Counselling/PSN, Mindfulness and Art Therapy. I do see a link between all forms of communication and expression in helping everyone’s mental health. I hope this site explores that to some extent.

After a pilot in 2019 I started a group that is based on the Co-Counselling model of equal time author in charge called Therapiece.

In December 2021 I put three pieces of my digital art into The Cut Open exhibition. You will find them and some other of my work here.


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